The Art of Layering Window Treatments

Choosing window treatments for a room or a house are, as much an art as anything! ┬áThink of it as painting through a diverse combination of coverings and fabric textures. If you want to have them look like a Picasso, you have to make sure you have as many window treatments as a young princess would have outfits. One for every occasion! The variety keeps people’s senses peaked with anticipation for what is next.

Here are some handy tips to assist you in choosing the right combination of colors and textures for layered shading as well as for draperies all through your home.

I would like to suggest a great window treatment shop to assist you in choosing a group of colors and textures for layered shades and drapes where you dwell! Sonoma County Shade Company is the best place to start looking for great deals on fabrics for curtains and shades as well as sheers, shutters, and blinds.

If you are a novice at layering window treatments, a good plumb line for layering is think one layer to filter light and the other darker. I have included some examples to give you an example of the look. And notice how the solar shades bring such great light!